Powering the curious with Leela Srinivasan of SurveyMonkey

Patrick Campbell May 26 2020

From soccer moms polling tee shirt sizes to the biggest questions an organization must address, feedback is essential to the success of so many operations. SurveyMonkey, the survey-making titan, is a big player in powering that curiosity. And Leela Srinivasan, the survey software's first-ever CMO, is a crucial part of pushing the needle forward.

Leela has a storied past in surveys, by heading up a team at SurveyMonkey, but she's also an expert in marketing—at LinkedIn during its early days, and most recently as the CMO of Lever


At SurveyMonkey, she's presented with a challenge: Creating alignment in multi-product while also being multi-customer. And this involves an incredible amount of complexity. But Leela makes it look easy, structuring a team that pursues all opportunities at hand (and prioritizes them appropriately). As organizations scale and become more complex, she knows it’s important to keep people informed and maintain transparency.

In this episode of Protect the Hustle, Leela shares insight from the inside—on why people aren't gathering as much feedback as they should be, how to power the curious by leveraging the right kind of survey, and how doing so ultimately breeds growth. 


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Topics covered in this episode:

    • We must continually power the curious, because feedback is essential for growth.
    • Companies who don’t listen to input—both internally with employees and externally with users—are missing out on opportunity for growth (and potentially harming their brand entirely).
    • Surveys are a key tool for attunement of real perspectives.
    • Remaining in sync with your team is a must for seamless collaboration.

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By Patrick Campbell

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