What are accounts receivables aging reports (+ how to prepare them in 4 steps)

You need an accounts receivable aging report to help structure a workable company operating
By ProfitWell

How segmentation helps predict churn | Beatport's Romain Pouillon

How often do you listen to music? Most of us probably listen on a commute, while at work, or
By Neel Desai

7-Step Guide to Financial Forecasting & Planning for Any Business

Uncertainty is one of the constant aspects of doing business. Many factors beyond your control
By ProfitWell

What is Net Income & How to Calculate It With a Simple Formula

Did you know that in 2015, Twitter reported two non-GAAP positive earnings and one GAAP net loss
By ProfitWell

Volume Discount: Benefits, Types & Real-world Examples

Businesses leverage volume discounts as part of their sales and inventory management because
By ProfitWell

Profit Equation Explained: Types, Formulas & Examples

As a profit-making organization, your key bottom line is generating profits for shareholders.
By ProfitWell

How onboarding boosts retention | Knowledgehook's Travis Ratnam

The team over at Knowledgehook has a value few other companies can provide: solving problems for
By Neel Desai

What Is Order-To-Cash Process + How to Optimize Your O2C Cycle

The growth of your business depends heavily on various factors, among them customer
By ProfitWell

A proactive approach to churn | CompanyCam's Kelly Danahy

It matters what you’re saying when a customer churns, but it also matters when you get to them.
By Neel Desai

Paul Lynch on the importance of knowing your value

What were the names of the astronauts who landed on the moon in Apollo 12? Don’t look it up on
By Patrick Campbell

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