The Future is Statistical

This post is the first chapter of our new ebook - The Complete Guide to Statistics for the SaaS
By Patrick Campbell

Tearing down Spotify's pricing

Spotify says they are ready to IPO. With $5 billion in revenue and 71 million paying users, the
By Patrick Campbell

Here's how we tear apart Netflix's pricing

Netflix has grown every year since Reed Hasting apocryphally blew a gasket at a $40 late charge
By Patrick Campbell

How You Can Become a ProfitWell Insider

We have a secret to share with you.
By Patrick Campbell

Beyond Buzzwords - How to Win the Churn Battle

If you're looking for advice on how to reduce churn in your SaaS company, you won't be short on
By Patrick Campbell

The World's Largest Study on SaaS Churn - Part 2

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By Patrick Campbell

The complete SaaS guide to calculating and optimizing User Churn

Churn is surely the greatest threat to your SaaS company's well being.
By Jordan T. McBride

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