4/22: celebrating creativity with 6,354,110 designs

Good day, world. Abby here on Earth Day, so we take today to appreciate Mother Nature, but we
By Abby Sullivan

4/19: $20M enough to patch up your problems?

Hello kind people. It is a good morning and a Good Friday. Regardless of your religion, be good
By Abby Sullivan

4/17: Apple pays to play with "Apple Arcade"

Hey hey subscribers, it’s Abby here on National Cheese Puff Day, and any excuse for Cheeto time
By Abby Sullivan

Tearing Down the Pricing of Acuity Scheduling and Calendly

Today we're delving into a topic that informs just about everything we do: scheduling.
By Patrick Campbell

4/11: Zenefits closes the pay gap, one tool at a time

Hey crew, it’s your boy Ben back in the host seat. Because it turns out Abby is not invincible,
By Abby Sullivan

4/8: Customers DIY-ing their own issues? Freshdesk says yes.

Morning subscribers. Abby here, and it is Monday. That’s really it. Not much going down in the
By Abby Sullivan

Tearing Down the Pricing of Netflix and Disney+

Netflix and Disney are two entertainment titans with very different backgrounds. Netflix shot
By Patrick Campbell

4/5: Reviews change the way we buy. But what about how we sell?

TGIF friends. It’s Abby here, more ready than ever to take a slice out of the SaaS world,
By Abby Sullivan

4/4: Is "Inbox Infinity" the new "Inbox Zero"? Zapier Explains

Good day, good people. Abby here on National Vitamin C Day, and since I’m learning the % DV is
By Abby Sullivan

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