We have eyes on the competition

Today, we talk remote work—does it work? Forbes predicts the future of social, and we take a
By Abby Sullivan

Mental health = company growth

Today, Product Hunt is hunting for podcast recommendations, Litmus is live with a Month of
By Abby Sullivan

What's up, Slack attack?

Today, we see the Slack of yesteryear make a pretty bold statement. We head back to SaaStock
By Abby Sullivan

Subscription sports: the future of fandom?

Today on Recur Now, the astronomical findings of Zuora’s Subscription Economy Index are
By Abby Sullivan

$171 billion in underpricing

Today on Recur Now, we've found some binge-worthy podcasts, plus the freshest products this
By Abby Sullivan

A very human IPO

Today, we see Appcues and Zapier team up, a prospect for human IPO-ing, plus an outlet for
By Abby Sullivan

In a world... where the subscriber is the center

Today, Zuora's Amy Konary creates a world in which subscribers are at the core, because she
By Abby Sullivan

What is growth hacking and does it work for SaaS businesses?

What is growth hacking? Growth hacking was coined by Sean Ellis to describe strategies that
By Patrick Campbell

What does Peloton's IPO mean for startups?

Today, our pricing analysts look at more Peloton problems—and what that could mean for startup
By Abby Sullivan

The undenying force of feedback

Today, we dive deep into radical candor in the workspace. We also hear from Eric Santos, CEO of
By Abby Sullivan

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