Guide to compound annual growth rate: CAGR formula, benefits & limitations

As an organization, calculating your growth rate is a great way of tracking and monitoring
By ProfitWell

What is customer health score & how to calculate it?

Churn is the biggest enemy of SaaS businesses. To minimize churn, companies need to go to great
By ProfitWell

Comprehensive guide to product-qualified leads (PQL)

For the longest time, software sales have included the involvement of sales reps. Historically,
By ProfitWell

Internal growth rate: A formula to accelerate your business growth

There are many metrics you can use when estimating your business' growth potential. For
By ProfitWell

Can Gillette On Demand's retention take on another century?

Today we're talking about Gillette On Demand, a company that basically invented the disposable
By John Arcanti

Company growth rate: what is it, how to calculate it, & how can it help you grow your business

Company growth rate is a crucial metric for any business. Investors and lenders are very keen on
By ProfitWell

The power of empathy with Freshworks' Stacey Epstein

Winning a war requires attacking and defending on multiple fronts.  Ground infantry, Air Forces,
By Patrick Campbell

MeUndies: Brief or long retention?

Today we're talking about MeUndies, a company that's shaking up the undergarment industry. We're
By John Arcanti

Knowing when the customer journey is over | Supercast's Jason Sew Hoy

How do you know when a customer's journey is finished? It's going to vary for everyone.
By Neel Desai

It's a process problem | Waseem Daher

Maybe it was that first date where you showed up pitting out after running six blocks to be on
By Patrick Campbell

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