Dynamic pricing strategy: Definition, types, benefits & examples

COVID-19 put a strain on B2B connections and disrupted supply chains in various businesses.
By ProfitWell

Scratchpad's Pouyan Salehi on building a product with real demand

Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. This
By Patrick Campbell

Not all who cancel are lost: How to win back customers

When a customer breaks up with you, it’s hard not to take it personally. You worked so hard to
By Patrick Campbell

Can BarkBox's retention get any better?

Today, we're talking about BarkBox, a company that's revolutionized the pet product market.
By John Arcanti

Focusing on second-month retention | Winc's Jai Dolwani

On today's episode of Retention Talk I speak with Jai Dolwani, CMO at Winc. We talk about
By Neel Desai

Vimeo's Anjali Sud on going upmarket

If Google charged me money to use it, I probably would pay. Think of how much time and money you
By Patrick Campbell

The customer isn't always right | Kelly Yanke Deltener

On today's episode of Retention Talk, I speak with Kelly Yanke Deltener, former Head of Product
By Neel Desai

Creating a pricing committee

It happened again. A VP of Sales of one of our pricing customers yelled at someone on our team.
By Patrick Campbell

Can Grove Collaborative's retention clean house?

Today, we're talking about Grove Collaborative, a company that's revolutionized the subscription
By John Arcanti

How to optimize ecommerce checkout flow to minimize cart abandonment

If visitors to your site are going to become customers, then at some point, they'll have to go
By ProfitWell

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