Net Dollar Retention (NDR): Definition, formula & tips

SaaS businesses need repeat customers because their business models usually rely on subscription
By ProfitWell

Gordon Growth Model formula: How to calculate constant growth rate

Determining the value of financial securities involves making educated guesses. That's because
By ProfitWell

How to calculate revenue churn, why you should keep it low & how to do it

Here's a fundamental truth: if your subscription business model anticipates creating value, any
By ProfitWell

Guide to subscription models for 2022: Definition, benefits, tips & metrics to track

Subscription pricing models continue to become a major part of modern software sales. The model
By ProfitWell

SaaS management: What is it & why should your company care? (+ strategy & best practices)

Businesses today are increasingly relying on SaaS for everyday business activities. This results
By ProfitWell

What a PE firm would do if they bought your company

One of the dumbest ways to describe an executive is “fearless.”
By Patrick Campbell

Locking out customers | Loomly's Thibaud Clément

On today's episode of Retention Talk I speak with Thibaud Clément, Co-Founder of Loomly. We
By Neel Desai

ChurnZero's You Mon Tsang on the link between onboarding & lower churn

I could never be with someone who doesn’t like dogs. Huge. Red. Flag. While you may differ, and
By Patrick Campbell

How to increase average order value for your ecommerce store

More revenue does not always have to come from new customers. Since new customers tend to have a
By ProfitWell

Predicting Churn | ProdPad's Janna Bastow

On today's episode of Retention Talk I speak with Janna Bastow, CEO & Co-Founder at ProdPad.
By Neel Desai

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