What is geographical pricing & why it’s an underrated growth lever

There are many factors that go into a successful pricing strategy. For SaaS businesses, pricing
By ProfitWell

Case studies and celebrity impact on retention and pricing

In a world with seemingly infinite options and infinite marketing to show us those options,
By Patrick Campbell

Boxed Water's retention is thirsty

Today we're talking about Boxed Water is Better, a company that's taken on the multi-billion
By John Arcanti

Ryan Deiss—the preeminence of company messaging

"Are you a classically compulsive drink tumbling clutz? Do you use enough paper towels to wipe
By Patrick Campbell

The rise of passive, anti-active usage products

For decades we've been talking about active usage in the context of retention. After all, if
By Patrick Campbell

What is gross margin? + How to calculate it with the gross margin formula

If you are like many business owners, you don't have an accounting or business background. 
By ProfitWell

An honest overview of promotional pricing in SaaS

Promotional pricing has long been used in the retail industry to bring in additional sales. But
By ProfitWell

Dollar Shave Club: Does their retention need grooming?

Today we're talking about Dollar Shave Club, a company that's taken on the multi-billion dollar
By John Arcanti

Help Scout's Nick Francis on the importance of shared values

A 2021 Mac Pro with a 2.5GHz 28-core intel Xeon W processor with 1.5 TB of Memory, two Radeon
By Patrick Campbell

BarkBox: Barking up the right price

Fun fact: we've found in our research that the willingness to pay for any dog related product
By Patrick Campbell

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