Does their pricing end or drive their week?

This week, we're starting with Monday. Fitting, right? is a behemoth in the project
By Patrick Campbell

Lovepop needs a pop of retention

Today we're talking about Lovepop, a company that's taken on the multi-billion dollar greeting
By John Arcanti

Soylent's pricing strategy needs some nourishment

This week, we're talking about an innovator in the meal replacement market: Soylent. It's a name
By Patrick Campbell

12 Software Monetization Strategies to Drive Revenue in 2021

There's no feeling like clients and businesses alike lining up to pay big bucks for your
By ProfitWell

Subscribing to Joe Rogan

This week, we're talking about a little-known podcaster, who is also a UFC commentator—former
By Patrick Campbell

Soylent’s retention is pretty vanilla

Today we're talking about Soylent, a company that has reinvented the multi-billion dollar meal
By John Arcanti

Ritual is clearly underpriced

This week we're talking about the vitamin and supplement space. A space that is full of many
By Patrick Campbell

Willingness to pay: What it really means & how to influence it

Anyone whose taken an economics class has heard of supply and demand. Producers want to charge a
By ProfitWell

Can Amazon Prime stay prime?

This week, we are talking about the greatest subscription in the history of humankind. It's one
By Patrick Campbell

Is Art of Sport's retention scoring?

Today we're talking about Art of Sport, a company that's taking the multi-billion dollar men's
By John Arcanti

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