Revenue management playbook: Definition, strategies, & software

Companies predominantly use revenue management in industries characterized by fixed capacity and
By ProfitWell

Product engagement guide: Improving engagement to boost retention

For SaaS businesses, retention is key. Too much churn and you'll be spending more on customer
By ProfitWell

Kissflow's Suresh Sambandam on the importance of great talent

Big countries like the United States are an amalgamation of many cultures. If you’ve been to
By Patrick Campbell

What is accrued revenue & how to record it

At a basic level, the concept of doing business is easy. You provide a product or service to a
By ProfitWell

Total revenue test: What is it & how to calculate elasticity

Businesses need to know how changes in their product prices affect their income. Therefore,
By ProfitWell

Byron Deeter on efficient growth

Building is one of the great joys in life. The sounds of puzzle pieces coming together. The mind
By Patrick Campbell

Creating brand positioning strategies to drive retention & growth

Brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand community. Cementing your brand in the minds of the target
By ProfitWell

What is operating revenue? Definition, formula & real-world examples

For business owners, profitability is the primary objective. Different factors such as total
By ProfitWell

Understanding your product data & PDM

Companies today require great precision and agility. The winning approach is to laser-target a
By ProfitWell

What is a retention curve and how to analyze it to improve customer retention rate

As you continue gaining new users, wouldn't it be great if your retention rate also increases? 
By ProfitWell

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