Word-of-mouth marketing with Yousuf Bhaijee

I am so hungry. But I’ve no idea where to go. We’ve all been in that situation before, where we
By Patrick Campbell

How to build cancellation & exit surveys that reduce churn

Having a high churn rate is a surefire way to kill your SaaS business. Thankfully, there are
By ProfitWell

Strava’s pricing is for beginners

This week, we're going on a run. Or perhaps a bike ride. Look—we're talking about Strava. As a
By Patrick Campbell

5 ways to build a customer onboarding process for long-term customer retention

Are you looking to attract high-value customers and make them stick around longer? Be sure they
By ProfitWell

Fresh Clean Tees' retention is a pretty good fit

Today we're talking about Fresh Clean Tees, a company taking on the T-shirt market with strong
By John Arcanti

Is Hims’ strategy preventative?

 This week we are going into the men's health and wellness space. We're talking about the
By Patrick Campbell

Teachable’s Ankur Nagpal on overcoming SOS

Control what you can control.  I’m sure you’ve received this advice many times before,
By Patrick Campbell

Cash flow forecasting: 3 best practices for accurate SaaS cash flow modeling

Poor cash flow forecasting is a major reason businesses fail. There are a lot of challenges to
By ProfitWell

Monday.com: Does their pricing end or drive their week?

This week, we're starting with Monday. Fitting, right?  Monday.com is a behemoth in the project
By Patrick Campbell

Lovepop needs a pop of retention

Today we're talking about Lovepop, a company that's taken on the multi-billion dollar greeting
By John Arcanti

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