Discount Rate Formula: Calculating Discount Rate [WACC/APV]

Let’s say you’re the CEO of WellProfit, a growing, Boise-based SaaS company that’s bound for the
By Patrick Campbell

Ideal Customer Target Size for a New SaaS Company

There are many factors that go into which company size is an ideal target for SaaS companies. As
By Patrick Campbell

Freemium: It's About Acquisition, Not Revenue

In this week’s episode, Hiten (co-founder of FYI and Product Habits) and I want to talk to you
By Patrick Campbell

Outcome Based Value Metrics Reduce Churn, Increase Revenue

Value metrics are what you charge for - per user, per 100 videos, per something that
By Patrick Campbell

Subscribing to Humans

Subscriptions to people could be what you never knew you needed. Today, we dive deep into the
By Abby Sullivan

Including "Blockchain" in Marketing Copy Powers Willingness to Pay

On this episode of the ProfitWell Report, Marcelo Furtado, Co-Founder at Convenia, asks us a
By Neel Desai

Which Tactics Will Increase Willingness to Pay?

Getting your pricing right can be complicated, and it depends on a lot of factors. This week's
By Neel Desai

How Netflix is Making the Wrong Tradeoffs in the Streaming Market

Welcome to the first-ever episode of Tradeoffs, where Hiten Shah (of FYI and Product Habits) and
By Patrick Campbell

The Term "A.I." Increases Willingness to Pay | Sales Automation

In the last two decades our conception of A.I. has essentially been that of a Spielberg script
By Patrick Campbell

The Rise, Fall, and Future of Evernote

Welcome back for episode two of Tradeoffs, the show where Hiten Shah (FYI and Product Habits)
By Patrick Campbell
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