Free Trials & Freemium Models: Does One of Them Work Better?

Freemium is an acquisition model, not a revenue model. I’ve been saying this for the better part
By Patrick Campbell

Average Revenue Churn Rate Benchmarks

It's the silent killer in our recurring revenue businesses. But while churn is something all of
By Patrick Campbell

Expansion revenue: How much do you need to be successful?

The beauty of the subscription model is that for the first time in our history we have a
By Patrick Campbell

The SaaS Freemium Model: Great for Acquisition, Not for Revenue

The debate continues to rage on as SaaS and subscription companies alike struggle to figure out
By Patrick Campbell

The Rising Impact of Brand

A great brand absolutely increases the willingness to pay and retention amongst customers. As
By Patrick Campbell

Does Content Marketing Actually Work? The Data Says Yes.

On this episode of the ProfitWell Report, Chris Handy, Co-Founder at ClosedWon, wants to know if
By Patrick Campbell

Gather Round the Campfire

Today, a fizzy new member of the subscription class. And April Dunford of Ambient Strategy is
By Abby Sullivan

Notion's Freemium Play

Good Better Best is a weekly deep dive on pricing and packaging strategies written byRob

Cameo's Second Act


Betting Big with Peter Coppinger of

You can’t do everything.
By Patrick Campbell
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