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Abby Sullivan Jan 30 2020

Yesterday on the show, we brought to light the cruciality of referral marketing. Today, Product Hunt creates a referral platform—for the people, by the people. Plus, we’re deep diving on metrics. And finally, a subscription to offset… carbon emissions?





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A tech stack for the people, by the people

Product Hunt, the platform we know and love for its dedication to hunting down the best new products in tech, has launched a new product of its own: YourStack.

It’s a new community to share the products you use and love. With it, you can “Stack” your favorite apps, books, games, gadgets, camping gear, headphones, fashion brands—you name it. 

Since Product Hunt’s launch in 2013, it’s seen more than 150,000 products launch on the platform, upvoted by millions of people and discovered by several million more.

The Product Hunt team knows that the products we use have a major influence on our lives, and today we have more options than ever. As we touched on in yesterday’s episode, we’re turning to our friends and experts offline and on broader social networks like Twitter and Instagram to ask things like:

    • What workout apps do you use?
    • Which tools do you use to manage your startup’s distributed team?
    • What’s your favorite book on psychology?
    • Which smart home security system do you have?

So YourStack will serve as a hub for these conversations. 

Here’s how it works:

    • Everyone has a profile to showcase their stack (aka the products they use). 
    • The more products you stack, the more useful YourStack becomes. 
    • You can also use something called the "Pro Tips" feature to learn new things about the products you already use. For example, did you know you can check your AirPods’ battery level on your iPhone? Or that there’s a hidden "Concerts" feature on Spotify? Pro tips are like a community-generated user manual of secrets, hacks, and how-tos.

      (It’s almost like a personal Reddit or Quora thread for your tech.)

Similarly to Product Hunt’s launch six years ago, there’s an initial limit to the number of people that can join, as the team gathers feedback and improves. Here's that waitlist.


Offset carbon emissions with this subscription

You can now help offset carbon emissions with—you guessed it—subscription.

Sustainable travel tour operator Intrepid Travel just launched Offset Earth, a monthly subscription service starting at $6.50, that helps travelers offset their personal emissions and make positive lifestyle changes for the environment via climate initiatives all over the world.

The Offset Earth crew invests your money into projects that remove more greenhouse gasses than your own carbon footprint puts in.

There are three tiers of subscriptions for Offset Earth:

    • Helper for the everyday citizen
    • Booster for those who drive or fly more than average
    • Mega for people who want to offset even more carbon than they produce.

Subscribers’ carbon emissions will be offset with credits dedicated to a monthly CO2 reduction project with Gold Standard certification, removing 22 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year. And for each subscription, Offset Earth will also plant 12 trees, and Intrepid Travel will match those 12.

We’ve seen the subscription model span television, news, food, music, self-care, medicine, travel, and more. But this is a new class in and of itself. And we certainly hope to see more subscriptions making the world a better place to live.


Metrics mastery

Tomorrow, we've got a webinar for those who’d like to master their metrics (which should be most everyone at this point).

Ask yourself: How confident are you in the accuracy of your metrics? If that question gives you pause, you’re not alone.

At 1 p.m. EST tomorrow, Patrick Campbell, our very own pricing pro, hosts a webinar to break down data from over 16,000 companies—on the most important metrics for subscription businesses to track for their financial health and growth. During it, you’ll walk through what’s actually important to focus on, the common pitfalls we see so often, and definitive answers on how to correctly calculate and analyze these metrics.

Here’s what you’ll get out of it:

    • Calculating the most important metrics for your SaaS business and how to analyze them to evaluate your position in the market
    • Data on which growth levers are the most impactful for your bottom line
    • Easy fixes you can make to boost revenue
    • And why knowing your numbers is so important in this business

As always, we'll leave plenty of time for Q&A for all your burning questions. Space is limited so snag your spot here now.


Recurring Rhetoric: value-based pricing


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