Mental health = company growth

Abby Sullivan Oct 11 2019

Today, Product Hunt is hunting for podcast recommendations, Litmus is live with a Month of Giving, plus we look at mental health at work—and how it directly impacts company growth.



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Product Hunt hunts for podcasts

We’re at it again with the sweet, sweet Twitter intel.

Product Hunt asks the interwebs: What’s the most interesting podcast episode you’ve listened to recently?

I’m very into this thread, because I’m always on the lookout for the best in pods myself—even if it’s just one episode—to get my mind going. And finding the right podcast fit for you isn't always simple. You start your search, you read a whole bunch of show descriptions, pick an episode you think sounds good, get to know the host, the format, the content... to ultimately decide you’re just not that into it.

So I went deep on this Product Hunt thread this morning. And the list just keeps growing. 

The list includes podcasts relevant to industries across the board.

The one I'm digging these days: Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard.

I noticed Blake Bray on there—a Mobile Product Manager, according to his Twitter profile—mentioned Dax Shepard's pod, so my ears were perked. This is one I subscribe to: "A podcast about the messiness of being human. Celebrating, above all, the challenges and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment.”

Blake specifically mentions the episodes featuring therapist and author Lori Gottlieb and author Dave Asprey, which I've yet to listen to, but certainly will. My favorite thus far is actually one during which Dax interviews his wife Kristen Bell. Their conversation is thoughtful, genuine, and honest—it really gives another side to celebrity, apart from what we only see in movies and interviews promoting those movies.


Litmus is live (and helping its neighbors)

Our pals over at Litmus are in the spotlight twice over—as the team celebrates an October Month of Giving, and its Boston conference Litmus Live wraps up today.

So, what’s up with the Month of Giving?

Well, Litmus apparently provides Volunteer Time Off (or VTO)—which is a paid day off for employees to volunteer with an organization of their choice in their communities, something I’d never heard of but very much for the initiative. 

And as we head into October, Litmus is spotlighting that tenant of its team's core values with #LitmusGives. The aim is to bring together team members for volunteering activities and show how its remote team makes a difference in local communities all over the globe. 


"We’re active in our communities inside and outside Litmus. We strive to cultivate generosity, make a positive impact to those around us, care for one another, and maintain a healthy work/life balance."

They actually partnered with local charity operations over at Litmus Live, which just wrapped today. And we’re seeing a lot about this one on Twitter—from Kait Creamer, Email Marketing Manager over at Scaled Agile Inc., explaining how a simple joke went terribly wrong (and led to her worst email ever) to the best A/B testing tools, so we’re keeping a close eye on Litmus to release some of this baller content to those who couldn’t make it this time around.

Deep dive

Mental health for better growth

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day and we got some good finds from it. 

Not only is it super important to prioritize mental health—across all industries—it’s important to stay proactive about it. World Mental Health Day is just one reminder a year, but here are a few others to keep you on track, whether you’re a CEO or a newbie to the space.

Product Hunt, in its newsletter, reminds us of the drop of Headspace, an app on a mission to improve the health and happiness of the world. And just last month, the How I Built This podcast released an episode with Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson, co-founders of Headspace, about how a buddhist monk and a burned out marketing consultant joined heads to create just that: Headspace, an app with millions of users in over 190 countries.

And to boot, we of course have a ProfitWell take on the meditation space, in a Pricing Page Teardown: Headspace vs. Calm—which could potentially steer you away from that meditative mood, but still worth the watch if we say so ourselves.

How did you celebrate World Mental Health Day, and how do you continue to do so every day? We know CEO, founder, and team member health—in all regards—can seriously impact the capacity for company growth. Which is exactly what Vivek Sharma, CEO at Movable Ink, alludes to in our next segment: Weekend Wisdom. Let us know your thoughts here, because we know this conversation isn’t going anywhere.


Weekend Wisdom with Vivek Sharma

Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink, claims the ceiling of a company ultimately lies in the CEO's capacity to grow.

Kick your weekend off wisely with today's segment of Weekend Wisdom. Cheers.

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