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Abby Sullivan Sep 23 2019

Today, we're talking fierce females. Plus, Stripe raises millions, Attivio leads the pack, and streaming services look to old-school content to gain their edge in the space.



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Attivio leads as Insight Engine

Gartner recognizes Attivio, leading provider of AI-powered insights, as a leader in their 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines.

In the report, Gartner states, "As businesses evolve to become digital and generate more structured and unstructured content, the need for insight engine technology to surface relevant facts, content and knowledge to stakeholders is critical." 

Attivio points to four factors in the company's placement in this year's Leaders Quadrant:

  1. Quantified business value being realized by its customers
  2. Strong year-over-year growth in new customer acquisitions and client renewals
  3. Simplified product, pricing, and onboarding processes
  4. Adoption of cloud-based deployments that help minimize customers' total cost of ownership

Lookiero is the Euro Stitch Fix

Since we know subscription retail is the new brick and mortar shopping experience, we're all eyes for Lookiero—which is being dubbed "the Stitch Fix for Europe."

Similar to the Stitch Fix model, Lookiero applies algorithms to a database of personal stylists and customer profiles to provide a personalized shopping experience to its online user base. It then delivers five personally-curated pieces to fit the shopper's individual size, style, and preferences. 

The $19 million funding round was led by London-based VC MMC Ventures with support from existing investor All Iron Ventures, and new investors Bonsai Partners, 10x, and Santander Smart. The company will use the backing to expand in its main markets of Spain, France, and the UK.


Pluralsight data drop c/o Qlik

Jordan Morrow from Qlik—data analytics for modern business intelligence—releases his 7th course with Pluralsight: Utilizing Insights and Observations with Data: Executive Briefing. The goal of the briefing is to "empower the user with knowledge and understanding on the 4-levels of analytics, how they fit in to the world of data and analytical strategy, and how insight and observations work together."

You can start a free 10-day trial here and let us know how it stacks up to other Pluralsight knowledge drops.


Stripe raises bills

Stripe announces it's raising another $250 mil at a $35 billion valuation in steps to fuel its growth—after a week of launching new services to bring this payments giant into the areas of lending and credit. The money will be aimed at launching additional products, fueling international reach, and targeting big wig enterprise-sized operations.

We’re pumped for Stripe in this huge jump in valuation, with General Catalyst, Andreessen Horowitz, and Sequoia already in the round (and word that SoftBank has considered investment in the future as well). But as for an IPO, Stripe President & Co-Founder, John Collison says they’re still “very happy as a private company.”

ProfitWell Engineering Manager, Eric Yu can attest:

"They've done a terrific job at removing a lot of the financial complexities around running subscription businesses, so I'm really excited to see how this latest round of funding helps continue to push that ball forward."

World war streaming

Streaming services are apparently paying a premium for nostalgia. Why? As the streaming war between moguls like Disney, HBO, Comcast, and Apple continues in full force, new platforms are looking to find and gain that coveted edge. 

In doing so, they have their radar on old-school content like Seinfeld (which Netflix paid a pretty penny for in the sum of $500 mil) and The Office (which Comcast dropped the same in big bucks for). 

As the Hustle reports, it’s hard to predict the ROI on these moves, as streaming expert Dan Rayburn highlights, “We have no actual information about what creates or reduces churn.” because there’s no way to determine exactly why a user signs up for a given streaming service or whether one show can hook the bulk of subscribers. But for us old-school loving viewers, we’re pumped to have our favorites on lock.

Deep Dive

Shattering glass ceilings

Women are getting into the business of funding more women. The proof? Inc. reported that a new breed of funds has raised $2 billion for women founders. While this number may not close the gap completely, it's a start. 

We caught up with one female founder who's broken plenty of glass ceilings, Marie Prokopets, Co-founder of FYI and Product Habits. She said she's always worked in male-dominated industries before dipping into tech.

"That really made me hyper aware of some of the challenges women face at work—the disparities just on a day-to-day basis, as well as when it comes to fundraising."

Inc. also reported that of more than $100 billion invested by venture capitalists each year, all-male teams receive 83%, all-female teams get 2-3%, and the rest goes to gender-diverse teams. Prokopets offered insight into these statistics.

"At different points of time while working in tech the last three years, I've actually considered raising a fund and I've helped about 300 founders work on their pitch decks. It's pretty sad that really only a small part of those founders were companies that had female founders."

Prokopets mentioned a few reasons why she thinks venture capitalists don't invest more in women. Some of these reasons include women not thumping their own chests, not being as comfortable with negotiating, and men are often less interested in the types of companies women found. Her advice to change that has always been,

"Obviously pitch more female investors but also pitch in a way that matches your audience. So, how can they really help take their male investors through their story in a way that resonates with male investors?"

Another groundbreaking moment for women is thanks to Inc. publishing the first business magazine cover featuring a pregnant CEO, Audrey Gelman, CEO of The Wing. On this historic moment, Prokopets said,

"It does bring more attention to female-founded businesses and also highlights a business that has been really successful, especially with fundraising. They've got almost $120 million in money they've received from investors."

ProfitWell has its own team of brilliant female leaders ranging from working moms and women who spend time outside of work speaking on panels. ProfitWell General Manager, Peter Zotto said,

"Diversity of thought is incredibly important. Women in any role, be it leadership or otherwise, add a truly valuable opinion on things that frankly groups of dudes don't always think about."


Subscription Sapiens

Today’s Subscription Sapien is SurveyMonkey CMO Leela Srinivasan, who powers the curious with survey tools and believes wholeheartedly that feedback is essential for growth. (You know our ProfitWell crew is preaching just the same.) Today Leela shows us why she’s so hellbent on feedback for marketing success, and how starting her career in the shower cleaner business got her headed for greatness.

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