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Navigating Subscription in the Air

Abby Sullivan Feb 17 2020

Today, we’re eyeing subscription aviation. Plus, an interview on Product Hunt Radio from the mind of a brand master. And finally, we take a monetization and pricing plunge with Reforge.



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Navigating subscription with Etihad Airways

The modern business model is at it again, permeating another sector of travel as Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways launches subscription flight

It’s through TravelPass, designed to improve and streamline the booking process and give passengers greater flexibility when booking or amending bookings. 

And this is really a win-win, for both traveler and company. Because it will make regular, recurring trips easier to manage from both sides. They’re targeting corporate and frequent flyers here, who will also be enrolled into their Etihad Guest frequent flyer program. And we know building brand loyalty that lasts will make all the difference for your business. 

This is also innovation for aviation as a whole. The airline is clearly thinking that if the program is a success, other airlines may follow suit using this model.

But Etihad is not the first airline to offer this service. TravelPass itself has actually been around for several years, but Etihad is just now buying into the idea. 

We’re curious to know: What do you think of subscription travel? We know the insane schedule and ever-moving lifestyle of a CEO, founder, and entrepreneur. Anything that makes travel more seamless feels like it’d be a win in my book. But what would it take for you to buy into this? Cutting the security line? Boarding first? Send me your thoughts to (Maybe we’ll even challenge our crew to do a Pricing Page Teardown episode on airline subscriptions.) 

Subscription has made its way to all facets of transportation, and been successful in many. So it seems Etihad can see the horizon ahead.


Monetization boot camp with ProfitWell x Reforge

We know monetization as the key to survival, but the headlines are filled with stories of rapidly growing companies that burn through VC money, run out of options, and eventually crash. Growth alone is no longer enough to IPO. Sustainable profitability is now the standard for investors.

Are you sweating yet?

No need. Because we teamed up with Reforge to launch a hyper-specific course on just that: (our specialties) monetization and pricing.

Through eight sessions—March 23 through May 8—of deep instruction, we’ll walk through the ins and outs of monetization. Even sweeter, you can attend the sessions via live-streaming, anywhere in the world. 

We’re keeping the whole course to a limit of 200 people, though, to ensure quality and comprehension. The kicker: Reforge sees thousands of applications on its growth courses, so get in on it early. Application deadline is February 21. 

Here's the link to apply and check out all the full details, but feel free to send me any questions. Our CEO & Founder Patrick Campbell says this is the best content he’s ever worked on


Brand loyal for a year & a day

And finally, we found an episode of Product Hunt Radio we’re digging, during which the Product Hunt crew talks with Kathryn Duryea, Founder and CEO of Year & Day, a D2C company with a serious cult following. 

In this episode they cover: her crazy year preparing to launch the brand, the power of Instagram, and the rise of direct-to-consumer. Plus, how she came up with the idea for Year & Day.

We know a great brand increases willingness to pay and retention amongst customers—the data suggests brand just might be your new secret weapon. Too often, founders and marketers think brand is just something fluffy for B2C companies in the world of fashion. 

But here’s the bottom line: With competition heating up with companies across the board, brand, design, and even support will continue to become more and more important to your business. We have an episode of The ProfitWell Report, during which the VP of Marketing at Happeo asks us to dive into the data around brand. To answer her question, we looked at over 1,000,000 consumer transactions and nearly 3,000 companies. Check it out below.


The rising impact of brand



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By Abby Sullivan

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