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Abby Sullivan Oct 17 2019

Today, we’re all about ecommerce. We have a list of podcasts for the ecommerce-righteous crew out there, plus 2Checkout hosts a webinar, and Rewind partners with BigCommerce to bring you a Black Friday playbook.






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The pods on ecommerce

Melissa Presti from Jungle Scout compiles a list of 13 ecommerce podcasts to get your mind set. She’s literally done the work for us—finding a bunch of hosts whose opinions she says she’s grown to trust. And since there's such an influx of pods out there, we're always hunting for lists like this that find the goods for us.

I'm especially digging the My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast with Steve Chou.

In 2007, he and his wife started their own online store. But I’m extra into it because it’s about small business entrepreneurs who are nailing it in the online space. And all those featured on the show have bootstrapped their businesses and started their own ventures to improve their lifestyle in some way. 

"The My Wife Quit Her Job Podcast is an interview based show where I bring in small business entrepreneurs who are killing it online."

Here's the full list, so you can check them out, too:

A 2Checkout webinar

2Checkout—online payment processing—hosts a webinar on October 24 with Conversion Optimization Expert Shannon MacLeod, to rundown the essentials of conversion optimization. 

For those with their ears perked, the online session will feature:

    • How to optimize for revenue per visitor or cart conversion rate

    • The difference between A/B testing and before and after testing

    • And the things you’ll want to test to maximize revenue—like product pages, shopping cart templates, cart flow, checkout form, and more

"Shannon will showcase these revenue-boosting strategies through real-life examples of customer case studies, focused on software, SaaS, and online services companies. She will also share knowledge about tools you can use to optimize your purchase funnel and grow your revenue."

Check out the site to see what time they’ll be live in your part of the world.


Deep dive

Rewind x BigCommerce Black Friday playbook

Rewind—automatic backups of the apps you use every day—partners with BigCommerce to bring you an ecommerce Black Friday “playbook” of sorts

So, what does this mean, exactly?

Well, we know the holiday season is absolutely nuts—from Thanksgiving turduckens to Black Friday brawls and partridges in pear trees, shopping is just one of the lingering to dos on the horizon. So, Rewind and BigCommerce are dropping what they call The Ecommerce Experts’ Guide to Black Friday/Cyber Monday: how to get the most ecommerce sales out of the holiday season, in the form of—what else?—an ebook. 

This one’s for those looking to

    • Get your site prepped and secured for higher volume

    • Increase conversions through product page optimization

    • Test out shipping and packaging suggestions

    • Check out international sales strategies

It feels like there’s always a rampage to amp it up during the holidays, but what about the rest of the year? Shouldn’t we be eyeing these practices of pricing all year long, or do you think it’s useful to pay closer attention during the November to January season per se?

We’re keen to hear what you think here. If you’re interested, you can download the ebook for a cool price (ahem, free) before the holiday madness really does ensue. Although those Halloween vibes are already on the table, so it’s safe to say we’ve commenced.

If you do dig into the ebook, hit me up at to let me know if it’s useful.


ProfitWell Book Club: Lost & Founder

Gone are the days where you had to slog away for a decade, climbing up the corporate ladder to find success. The startup boom proves that anybody can grow a lucrative business. But that doesn’t mean there are shortcuts. It takes more than a can-do attitude and a garage to work in to become a successful startup founder. On today’s ProfitWell Book Club, we dive deep into Lost and Founder, written by Rand Fishkin of Moz and SparkToro—who outlines the path to success in the startup world, as well as the pratfalls. 


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By Abby Sullivan

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