Is Disney+ prepped for pro digital delivery?

Abby Sullivan Sep 5 2019

Today, we're catching up with sir Walt Disney. Our crew also considers being totally remote employees... Stick with us for today's top subscription happenings.

Today's Top Subscription News


INBOUND 2019 is here. Thanks to HubSpot, industry professionals are putting their heads together in Boston to talk everything marketing and sales.

INBOUND is stacked with speakers including celebrities Chelsea Handler, Janelle Monae, and Elizabeth Gilbert. 

We’ll be living vicariously through attendees as we scour Twitter for #GrowBetter

Build vs. Buy 

If you’re not at Inbound, maybe you’ve got some time to curl up with a good ebook.

We recommend Build vs Buy: The CIO’s Guide to Subscription Billing. In this guide Alvina Antar reveals three risks to building a homegrown subscription billing solution and how to maximize billing for the long-term.

You can download this ebook for free on Zuora

Chargebee to Host Design Event

The good times keep rolling at Chargebee. It announced a new round of funding raised from Steadview capital last week. 

Chargebee kicked this workweek off with another special announcement: it’s hosting its first ever design event of the year, Designing for Fintech: The Indian Journey. You can hop in on this interesting session on September 21st.

Deep Dive

Disney+ Details

Disney released a date, prices, and supporting devices for a Disney+ subscription in August. It announced an anticipated launch happening November 12th, running us $6.99 in the U.S., about half the price of a standard Netflix sub. It closed a deal yesterday offering the content for less than $4 a month.

Although the launch will feature an influx of originals from its own studio, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel across a ton of streaming platforms (but interestingly enough, so far, not Amazon) and has been generally met with grand reception, Jonathon Trugman argues the expectations for the streaming platform should be tempered. 

“Streaming isn’t about making movies or simply having them on your platform anymore. It’s about the complicated digital delivery of video in HD and ultra HD formats — a challenge masters of video delivery deal with every day. And infrastructure build-out and signal delivery is no small task when there are tens of millions of users watching different things at the same time — and different binge-watching schedules on different kinds of devices."

He also reminds us that Disney isn’t known for its “edgy” side, but will very likely need to start pumping out some binge-worthy content in order to keep afloat. Watching Disney’s transition from big motion pictures to cost-effective, quality digital content will be interesting. What do you see in Disney’s future? What will their biggest hurdle be?

We have high hopes for our Mouseketeers, but we’ll have to keep an eye out to see if Disney+ spans the streaming world. 

Name Your Price

Name Your Price is a game during which players are prompted with questions of monetary value — reminiscent of childhood discussion: “How much would I have to pay you to lick the floor?” — but with prompts both bigger & bolder. Today, we ask how much I'd have to pay our crew to be entirely remote employees...

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