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What It Takes To Become Their Favorite

Abby Sullivan Apr 14 2020


Today, we see Jay Acunzo launch the Experience Spectrum—on what we get wrong with launching shows (and how to get it right). Plus, we are mastering Twitter in trying times. 



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We found your crash course in content

Before launching your brand’s podcast, marketing master Jay Acunzo urges you to ask yourself: Can it be anyone’s favorite show?

Back in March, we covered a bit by Jay on the science of why people like stuff, uncovering the ultimate goal for marketers when they originally create a show. 

The typical marketer-made show tries to answer very narrow questions that can likely be googled or learned more easily by scanning a bulleted list, a blog post, or a full-episode transcription as a replacement for actually listening to your show, writes Jay.

So, in another step in his journey to answer the crucial question—What does it take to create someone’s favorite podcast?—Jay released the Experience Spectrum

And our very own content-obsessed CEO Patrick Campbell is calling it, “Some of Jay’s best work and that’s saying a lot.”


On Friday, Jay launched part one of what will be a three-part mega-series. Over the next three weeks, he will explore three crucial concepts that, when combined, can reframe how we think about our shows, such that we can create someone’s favorite show.

And this one is dense. It’s about creating proprietary experiences. It’s about fostering communities, not commodities. It’s about asking the uncommon questions, and turning transactional shows into transactional experiences.  

I could dive into this one for hours, but Jay says you’ll need just one hour total across three weeks (or 0.83% of your work time, if you’re in the 40-hour work week camp) to step back from the foggy content market and rebuild your understanding of making shows from the ground up. 


Click here to check it out. 

It’s time to reframe what we’re all doing and put aside conventional wisdom. 


Twitter in trying times

We’re spying a webinar we want in on

David Perell, aka “The Writing Guy,” is co-hosting a webinar with Matthew Kobach, Head of NYSE Social Media, who happens to be a go-to follow for our very own Audience Growth Manager, Danielle

The social duo reports they originally had room for just 500 people for the webinar, but they're now on to even bigger Zoom plans (looking at 1,200 and counting for this one). 


Here’s the deal: It’s called “How to Crush It on Twitter” and it’s essentially a forum for David and Matt to share their strategies on tweeting consistently, driving engagement, and building an online audience. 

Our ears are perked, especially right now, when Twitter is a major source of communication for so many. 

I will absolutely be in attendance to see what it’s all about—and I have to commend David and Matt for offering it during the evening, nonetheless. We may be working remotely, but I know many of our days are still filled to the brim with responsibility, be it Zoom meetings or childcare. So I’ll catch you all at this one tomorrow at 7 p.m. EST.

Click here to sign up.

ProfitWell featured user

Our featured user today is Salesflare, for a whole host of reasons. 

Salesflare is a “simple yet powerful CRM for small businesses selling B2B.” If you feel like you’re spending too much time updating your CRM, it’s because you probably are. And Salesflare is worth checking out to simplify that process. 

Salesflare boasts as Product Hunt’s most popular CRM, and the team just launched “Email Workflows” on Product Hunt last week, making it easy to automate all your emails straight from your CRM. The feature works with Gmail, Office 365, and any other inbox, allowing you to upgrade your toolset with CRM and email automation in one.


Click here to delve into Salesflare.

We, too, have joined forces with Salesflare—with our Subscription Stimulus Package, to help companies keep growing during this completely unprecedented time. 

The goal here is to offer you savings in times that are tough, namely 10% of your MRR in free software from 30 companies (and growing). All your details, linked here

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Catch you back here tomorrow. 

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