What Are You if You're Not Loyal?

Abby Sullivan Nov 16 2019

Today, we’re optimizing for brand loyalty. We also team up with Appcues for a user experience live training, and Kajabi drops a launch.






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The loyalists

We know brand loyalty exists in us all, but why? What's the motivation for our unique draw to one brand over another?

For Grace, it's about the flavor.

"I’m all about Dunkin'. People openly hate on it and call it coffee water, but I am Dunkin’s biggest defender. Love me a donut (french crullers to be particular, but I'll settle for a chocolate glazed), the iced coffee. Hashbrowns, too. Rant over, but you get the idea."

For James, it’s about the price point, advertising, and brand ambassadors.

"For me it's Gillette. I’ve used a Mach 3 razor since I first started shaving and I could never pull off a beard, nor do I want to. Another is Zara. I buy most of my clothes from the fast fashion brand... It's trendy and very well priced, and Gillette has great advertising and brand ambassadors."

And building brand loyalty that lasts will make all the difference, which is why we’re eyeing Sprout Social’s blog post that's all about this concept. Because consumers have endless options when it comes to the things they want to buy and yet 90% still report being brand loyal. Reasons for claiming brand loyalty included great deals, sales, and above and beyond customer service.

Users also point out that they’re more likely to become brand loyal sooner if they get access to exclusive discounts through some sort of loyalty program.

A consumer survey from Yotpo found that almost 80% of those surveyed said it took at least three purchases before they considered themselves loyal to a brand.

And we’ve seen that calculating customers' net promoter scores (NPS) is a way to quantify your users’ strength as brand promoters. Willingness to promote your brand is a good indicator that they’ll be successful customers with high lifetime value.

Which is why we’re pumped over this Sprout Social highlight, as well as resurfacing our blog piece on NPS and brand loyalty. Because in this new era of subscription, the companies that own the customer relationship are the companies that will get ahead.


An Appcues x PW live training

In the same vein, we’re teaming up with the Appcues family to talk user experience and retention. Because, to be frank, you’re likely doing it wrong.

It’s all going down tomorrow, in a live training session based on new research we’ve pulled from studying over 16,000 recurring revenue companies. At 1:00 p.m. EST, we’ll go live with new data, benchmarks, and plenty of time for questions.

So why should you join us?

"It's easy to focus on growth because it drives the heart of your business; but if you're only focusing on attracting new customers, you're missing out on the growth potential of retaining your current customers."

During the training, Appcues VP of Marketing Eric Keating and our CEO/Co-Founder Patrick Campbell, will delve into what the data says about retention and revenue correlation, and offer advice for how you can provide a next-level user experience to start retaining more of your users.

We’re looking at how the subscription world is evolving and why optimizing retention is so crucial for growth, the retention mistakes you’re likely making, and best practices for providing an optimal UX. We have a whole bunch of data on how UX affects retention and, ultimately, your bottom line.

You can sign up for free and we’ll connect tomorrow. As always, we’ll include information for signup in your Recur Now newsletter.


Kajabi mobile is coming...

To create a simpler way to consume content on the fly and allow you the ability to push notifications to your students (right to their hands).

"Your universe, in your customers' pockets." - Jeremy, VP of Product

And Kajabi team claims this app will revolutionize online learning.

Kajabi is an “all-in-one online business platform” that helps launch online businesses, and create online courses, launch campaigns, and build landing pages. Their team created the world’s only Knowledge Commerce platform to help people get the knowledge and, fundamentally, find success. So naturally they’re amping it up in the wake of this mobile app launch.

Hear from the creators themselves: Kajabi’s VPs of Product and User Experience, plus its Senior Android Developer.

"The more customers return to your content, the more likely they are to, you know, stay, continue to pay you, and also buy other things. So, you're going to be creating a healthier business when you have the ability to remind your customers to come back." - Court, VP of User Experience

The Kajabi crew will announce the exact date of the drop this week. Check out their Twitter page @Kajabi to stay in the know.

And Kajabi users, we’re all ears to hear what you think of the new drop. Is all the fuss over mobile worth its weight in success? We think so.

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