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Abby Sullivan Feb 11 2020

Hey crew, let's be more decent humans at work. Today, we’re pouring beer onto the revenue operations scene. (Why would we do such a thing? Stay tuned.)




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Better humans, better humanity

This might sound so simple, it feels condescending. But it’s something we likely all need to improve upon, to focus on, to better prioritize. 

We spend so much of our lives at the office or with our teammates, that there’s no real option for success other than by simply: being decent. 

And although the next few steps here are from an anonymous source, we’re spotting a tweet that stopped us in our tracks, reminding us of the ever-so-important processes to being human in the professional space. Here are some that we’re digging.

    • Give credit where credit is due.
    • Treat everyone as if they were your family, your friend, your partner.
    • And… don’t be an a**hole. 

My utmost favorites are: Practice gratitude and patience, and always remember you don’t know what someone else is going through. You might respect one another like you do a best friend or spouse, but some teammates aren’t as transparent as others—and simply put, everyone has their sh*t. 

And in more concrete steps: Concentrate on your job and less on what you believe someone else is or isn’t doing. Open and honest communication is always the best route when dealing with any issue.

And remind yourself: hard work will pay off. 

And we’re grateful for finding reminders like this, because it means people are actually talking about it. It is far too easy to go about your day, with the people you see day in and day out, and take the situation for granted. 

So, instead, challenge yourself. Print these steps out, share them, preach them, embody them.

We also have an episode of our series Protect the Hustle, during which Patrick interviews former Netflix culture pro Patty McCord, which preaches just the same. Here's a link to that

And let us know what you do (or, what you hope others would do) to make the professional space a more positive place to be.


The road to better bossing

In a similar realm, we found an episode of Escape Velocity by our friend Dan Martell, on helping leaders get team feedback—all in the name of faster growth. 

In it, Dan interviews Claire Lew, the CEO of Know Your Team, the software that essentially saves managers from becoming bad bosses. 

And Dan says he loves Claire’s story because it “maps out the time-tested steps to growth.”

Claire had a problem: She hated her boss. She wanted to solve this problem, so she developed a way to provide feedback. She began helping people one on one, then scaled into the SaaS space.

The interview covers a lot here—from the biggest things most CEOs don’t know about their team, to what it’s like to become a CEO at 24 years old. 

“When I was starting out, I always felt like the way you be successful is you model the patterns for what success for other people have been. That is the surest way to get there. And I think it works for a lot of people, but what I think I’ve come to realize is if you have a different picture of what that success is, or if you want to help people in a different way, then what you really just have to stay true to is your own personal picture of what that could be.”

If you’re interested in this interview in full, here's the full piece


A hoppy opportunity

In case you missed it, just last month we launched our brand-new series: RevOps & Hops

It’s a new show where our very own Patrick Campbell and Chargify’s Michael Klett interview B2B SaaS leaders about their trials and tribulations in the world of growth and revenue operations—all while cheersing the freshest hops out there.

Our first episode is with Proof’s Dave Rogenmoser, during which the crew discusses the relationship between RevOps and marketing, and how it’s not just about marketing or sales anymore; it’s about helping. 

More names to come include Robert Cortese of SolarWinds, Armando Biondi of MailUP, and Sameer Kamat of TINT. We’re bringing RevOps to life, demystifying what it actually is, and measuring its success—all while drinking beer and, occasionally, floating down the San Antonio river with our crew.

So be sure to check them out at and subscribe if you’re digging the content—because to some extent, we’re really all involved in the RevOps revolution. 


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