A Pandemic Changes the Playbook

Abby Sullivan Mar 30 2020


Today, we’re educating ourselves amid a crisis—courtesy of G2’s learning hub, Zuora’s webcast series, and MasterClass’ online knowledge drops. How can we band together to update our B2B playbook?


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Top B2B SaaS news

Updating the marketing playbook

The G2 Learning Hub posted a software marketing playbook for the COVID-19 crisis, a resource I am admittedly geeking out over. 

Just last week, we pointed out that there is no playbook during this scary time, and we’re all truly navigating uncharted territory together. 

“It’s a singular type of event; one that impacts the economy, healthcare, employment, and supply chains, all while simultaneously stifling human movement in a way we’ve never seen before.”

But it looks like the G2 crew heard our cries. Because their team put together a seriously insightful, data-driven playbook—specifically for the B2B SaaS crowd—of what to do now. 

No doubt, marketers and sellers are scrambling to keep up, amid an already-pivotal time for the B2B SaaS camp. So I’m immersing myself in as many actionable insights I can find, in turn, sharing them with you so you can get the big-picture idea and decide accordingly what works best for your operation.


What we know:

    • Competition is at an all-time high. In 2012, the average SaaS company had about two competitors. Today, that’s up to nine.

    • Buyer trust is at an all-time low.  Only 8% of B2B buyers trust the sales rep they’re working with at this very moment, mediafly reports

Following an updated playbook:

    1. Start by helping buyers self-discover and evaluate you, by ensuring your marketplace profiles are 100% prepped with your best-of content.

    2. Win buyer trust with authentic (and current) reviews of your software, by making sure your reviews are fresh, current, and contextual.

    3. Capture the surging online demand to fuel marketing, with campaigns and ABM efforts.

    4. Use content from your reviews to scale digital marketing and sales enablement to cut through the noise of competition.

For the complete rundown and action items for each of these points, check out G2’s full resource here.


How are subscription companies reacting to the times?

We spy Zuora offering topic-specific webcasts, regarding how subscription companies are reacting to the times, as well as open office hours for its users. 



What’s on tap:

    1. The first webcast on April 1 is for subscription companies witnessing an increase in requests to suspend subscriptions—likely present with in-person memberships like fitness classes, for example. While the freedom to pause a subscription is certainly a benefit for the customer, it can also help companies greatly reduce potential churn, so on Wednesday they’re highlighting how to suspend or pause subscriptions, while keeping customers.

    2. If you’re seeing the need to refund or credit a large number of customers, Zuora is also offering a lesson on Thursday that's all about issuing bulk credits and adjustments for customers who can’t pay.

    3. And finally, for those companies with the goodwill (and the opportunity) to offer different pricing plans, Zuora has the intel on how to do pricing changes en masse on April 7.

All of these sessions can undoubtedly be helpful, it just depends on what you’re looking for right now. Zuora is offering each webcast twice to fit busy schedules, and here's the full list linked so you can check out all the details. This is a time about connecting with those in your same boat, soaking in the insight from one another, and ultimately, keep cranking. 

ProfitWell featured user


Today, we're featuring MasterClass in a new segment we're airing to spotlight our loyal users and what they have to offer you.

MasterClass is the maker of online classes, brought to you from the world’s greatest minds and created for students of all skill levels.

Name a better time than now to learn a new skill. You have the time, right…?


Here’s the appeal:

      • With MasterClass, you’re learning from the best in the business. (Think Chef Gordon Ramsey, Director Martin Scorsese, Lifestyle Designer Kelly Wearstler, Humorist Writer David Sedaris)

      • They offer 80+ classes from the masters, with an average of 20 lessons per class at about 10 mins per lesson—in categories like business, photography, fashion, writing, and sports.

      • Right now, they have a limited-time offer of “buy one annual membership, share one for free”—which comes out to $180 for two all-access passes. 

Food for thought. Happy learning.

That’s it for your March 30 episode of Recur Now. Thanks for spending a piece of your morning with us. 

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