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Abagail Sullivan Jan 20 2020

Today, things get awkward. Plus, James shows us how to navigate the overflow of streaming TV subscriptions.


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Uncomfortable interactions 101

We’ve all had those awkward conversations. Whether it’s in your personal or professional space, they’re unavoidable. 

And we’re all susceptible. So we were pumped to find FreshBooksAwkward Conversations Guide, an ebook on how to handle tough conversations with clients—namely focused on budget talk and emails to users who haven't paid up. 

FreshBooks say it’s for small business owners, but we think owners of any bizz can benefit from this one. You want to put your best face forward, be liked, and act professional. But as the FreshBooks team reminds us, there are times when you need to assert yourself. And while there are tools that make it easy to automate some of those conversations with rinse-and-repeat templates, you still have to figure out what to say.

Sounds draining, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Because the FreshBooks crew created 38 templates to help you address your most awkward conversations—from money talk and communicating scope creep, to cold pitching and asking for referrals. The templates provide concrete examples of how to handle hyper-specific situations like, “How to respond when someone asks for a freebie,” and ways to say, “You’ve asked for more than we agreed upon." They even address how to handle too many cooks in the feedback kitchen. 

It’s okay to be awkward, we get it. But it’s also okay to ask for help. Download the ebook for free, here


An attendee amp up

Appcues knows: Webinars with minimal attendees are also just… awkward. (We can hear the crickets.)

So their team created a Growth Lab formula with GoToWebinar—with which you can apparently publish webinar campaigns within your product, to ultimately see your registration numbers soar. 

Sure you can still drive attendees with the standard channels like email, ads, and marketing campaigns, but you can also engage prospects when they’re most likely to convert. 

Because in-product communications convert significantly better than email. And publishing webinar campaigns within a product just makes sense, because that’s when users are already thinking about your brand and subject matter as a whole.

Here’s how it works:

  • You establish your GoToWebinar campaign.
  • Create a new demand source for the links you’ll use in your Appcues content.
  • Add a segment of potential attendees.
  • Build your Appcues experience with customization properties.
  • Hit publish and rage on. 

Linked here, a more in-depth step-by-step for those interested. All in the name of “no more lonely webinars.”


Streamium, anyone?

Compiled by James Herrick
If you can cast your mind back to not too long ago when Disney+ entered the scene, I designed a little experiment. I wanted to find out how much it would cost to subscribe to all of the big-name streaming services and keep my cable, so all my entertainment needs were covered.

Needless to say, it came out to a hefty bill and it’s not so sustainable; I’d be struggling in a few months if I allocated money toward all the streaming services out there.

So here are two solid tips I’m on board with on how to approach a la carte television:

  1. Ditch the traditional cable provider and invest in a live TV service like Roku or Sling TV subscription. You’ll nix the cable bill but still have access to traditional networks.
  2. Make the most of free trials to decide what you really want. Most services offer a free trial through email and credit card signup.

On the flip side—if you know us, you know we're freemium freaks, consistently a topic of interest for developers and CEOs looking to get as many people hooked on their product as possible. Is every company destined for freemium?

Done right, it can work beautifully to get users into your ecosystem and on the path to upsells. Linked, we have our ebook The Freemium Manifesto, the most comprehensive book written on freemium. So you (and the streaming giants) can check it out for use in your own operation. 

We also have an episode of the ProfitWell Report on free trials vs. freemium that looks at 1,500 companies and nearly 55,000 subscription consumers on why free trials won’t even come close to freemium’s effectiveness when done well. 

Whether you choose to bundle your streaming services or take advantage of free trials, subscribing to television isn’t going away and I’ll be here to cover it.

Tradeoffs: Netflix

As one of the most popular and longest-running streaming services in the market, Netflix took a DVD rental service and transformed it into a cultural icon. We’ll show you how their relentless focus on quality content positioned the platform for impressive growth and how that has to change as the market evolves and expands.

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