Is commoditization in Klaviyo's pricing future?

This week we are talking about Boston's own Klaviyo, which has taken the ecommerce market by
By Patrick Campbell

How donations can increase your subscription retention and willingness to pay

Over the past century we've gone through a few waves in purchasing behavior. After setting up
By Patrick Campbell

Can Netflix stay relevant?

This week, we're taking on a company that has done the impossible time and time again—Netflix.
By Patrick Campbell

Wistia's Chris Savage on brand affinity

Follow your dreams. Follow your passion. 
By Patrick Campbell

Thinking from first principles

This week I'm sharing one of our internal memos that's slightly redacted on one of our core
By Patrick Campbell

Ancestry's pricing lacking monetary DNA

This week, we're going back in time to study the subscription model of And before
By Patrick Campbell

Xero's Anna Curzon on cultivating meaningful relationships

When you think of a superhero what jumps into mind? Is it the power of flight, Herculean
By Patrick Campbell

Case studies and celebrity impact on retention and pricing

In a world with seemingly infinite options and infinite marketing to show us those options,
By Patrick Campbell

Ryan Deiss—the preeminence of company messaging

"Are you a classically compulsive drink tumbling clutz? Do you use enough paper towels to wipe
By Patrick Campbell

The rise of passive, anti-active usage products

For decades we've been talking about active usage in the context of retention. After all, if
By Patrick Campbell

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