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Abagail Sullivan Jan 10 2020

Today, more 2020 tools and trends. This time, for online and digital marketing. Plus, a Litmus webinar for the new email decade. 


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We’re still in that new decade mindset, on the lookout for what to try in 2020. 

And we found a piece on Online Marketing Tools to Try This Year by Paper.li, and we’re sharing those we know and love.

First up, Slack makes the list (no surprise there)—a tool we live and die by here at ProfitWell. Almost all our communication is done via Slack, both internally and, a lot of the time, externally. There are varying opinions on it, though—as some find Slack to be a crippling distraction while others claim it’s the only way. But at the end of the day we’re all bleeding Slack in some regard. 

We also see Drift on there, a platform that aims to expand customer service on the web, ultimately eliminating the need for call center support. With it, you create customized widgets, embed them into your site, and communicate with your users from there. Although we’re not eyeing Intercom on Paper.li's list, I’m keen to hear which chatbot you’re most impressed by—both in the past and in the new decade.

I also have my eye on Buzzsumo, because next to email, content is a heavy hitter in the marketing space. But how do you guarantee you’re providing the very best content, whether in an email, on a blog, or elsewhere?

You want to make sure you ace your content no matter the form it takes. Whether you’re trying to drive engagement through email campaigns or you decide to run a blog, you want to make sure you are acing your content quality.

Buzzsumo is a research tool that helps ensure you’re providing only the greatest—by monitoring competitors' content and establishing keywords to improve your SEO. The premium version may be steep, but it could be worth it if you're striving for speedy content-based growth. 

What I really want to know here is: What marketing tools are you digging? Send me a note at abby@recurnow.com and we can chat. Because we know marketing (and content marketing specifically) is alive and well. We're being exposed to more of it than ever, and it’s becoming one of the most saturated marketing channels in our arsenal.

We have some solid resources on content marketing specifically, backed by data from thousands of subscription businesses and tens of thousands of subscription consumers, to prove just how effective a solid content marketing strategy can be.

To use tools or not to use tools? Regardless, there’s no denying you gotta get on it. 


Digitize the decade

In more newness, we spotted a Medium article on the freshest digital marketing trends—so we can better create impactful impressions on our end users, ultimately leading to higher ROI and better conversions. 

  1. Interactive content: Content that requires a participant’s active engagement. Because apparently 91% of consumers are seeking new experiences with more visual and interactive content.

  2. Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) position zero: Becoming the featured snippet of text at the top of a results page. This also falls in line with Google’s RankBrain AI algorithm, in the works since 2015. Giving importance to user experience, Google evaluates what people like and ensures they’re seeing quality content around the clock. This snippet, when done correctly, can and may be the only link audiences click on, accounting for 54% of all Google clicks in 2019.

  3. Video content: Need we say more? This one speaks for itself (and the exact reason we launched an entire network of shows dedicated to subscription truth).

  4. Content marketing: For real now, need we say more? Revisit the resources linked in the previous story if you’re at all skeptical.

There’s more where this came from, and you can read the full post here. Happy marketing.


Is email "so 1999"? No, you're just in the wrong decade.

A new year is an excuse for change: personal development, health goals, more sleep (or less sleep), you name it. 

The professional world is no exception. And the email marketing pros over at Litmus are predicting 2020 will bring a new email decade. So they’re hosting a webinar all about it, addressing questions like:

  • How will email’s role in the overall marketing mix evolve?
  • How will email teams change in the years to come—and which skills will be in high demand? (Listen up, future marketers.)
  • What does the email tech stack of the future look like?

We’ll for sure be hanging with the Litmus team on January 16th with their Director of Email Marketing Heather Moran, Digital Marketing Specialist Whitney Rudeseal Peet, and Community & Product Evangelist Jason Rodriguez. 

If you're thinking, “Email? Really?” we understand the sentiment and we, too, have been of the belief that email can be straight up boring, or “so 1999.” But we often forget that email is consistently the highest ROI tool in so many toolkits. And there are so many hidden talents of email

Save your seat to the webinar here and decide for yourself.


The hidden talents of email

Justine Jordan, Head of Marketing at Help Scout and former VP of Marketing at Litmus, is one of our CEO Patrick's favorite people on the planet. There are few out there who bring the level of depth and passion to a product and ecosystem as Justine does for email (and cat GIFs).

Yes, email—which Justine unpacks in this talk through over 40 tips on how to improve your email marketing, while also laying the groundwork for how you should be thinking about your email marketing strategy as a whole. We highly recommend you watch the entire talk (or at least have whoever handles your email watch the talk) because there's no use in having an email list if you're making these costly mistakes. 

Video Thumbnail

And that’s a wrap for your January 10 subscription news. Recruit your friends into the know at profitwell.com/recur/recurnow

Catch you back here Monday—same time, same place, more news.

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