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Let's deep dive on metrics.

Everything in a subscription business (or all businesses for that matter) comes down to understanding what metrics to focus on and why. This is especially important in the fitness realm where competition is tight and the margins for success can be even tighter.

Join ProfitWell and PushPress for a live webinar to bring the fitness community together to discuss key growth metrics and benchmarks. We're keeping this specific discussion purposely industry based so that Q&A is tailored to what you care about most.

In this webinar, we'll help you learn:

  • How to calculate the key metrics for your subscription fitness business
  • Why knowing your numbers is so important
  • Data on which growth levers are the most impactful for your bottom line
  • Easy changes that can boost your revenue

We'll also, as always, leave time for a Q&A for your burning questions.

Space is limited so register now to secure your spot!

Hosted by: 

Patrick Campbell, CEO & Co-Founder, ProfitWell

Dan Uyemura, CEO, PushPress Inc.