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The Weekly Rundown
4/1: Good Habits Onboard, Infinity Goes Beyond, and Unicorn Magic 


Omnichannel Onboarding to Combat Customer Fade 
It’s easy to set out to pick up good habits, but it’s hard to stick with them. Using new software is the same way, which is why Appcues suggests adopting an omnichannel onboarding process to combat the slow fade.

Hate to See You Go, But Love to Learn From Your Offboarding
On the flip side, Intercom is helping us learn from the customers who part ways with our platform.  By mastering user offboarding, you're on the path to learning from the churn.

The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend: Adobe x Microsoft 

Adobe and Microsoft team up to bolster each other’s sales and marketing software capabilities, and together set their sights on main rival Salesforce. 

In SaaS Land, Unicorns Are Real

But profitability? More often than not, it seems to be a myth (although Wall Street seems not to care). TechCrunch explains why investors are still starry-eyed over the magic, despite balance sheets in the red. 

4/2: Atom's Ticket Bombshell, Lemonstands, and Human-Centric Metrics


Pinterest’s S1 Interest 
Venture capitalist Fred Wilson of AVC peeks at Pinterest’s S1 to get to know one of the most buzzworthy businesses on their road to IPO, amid this wave of longtime private companies going public.
Measuring Success, Humans First
With automation, supercomputers, and AI, we’re coming up on an Industrial Revolution version 2.0. Instead of accepting our fate as second-fiddle to the robot overlords, it’s time to change the way we measure success, and Forbes has the human-first metrics we need in a constantly evolving world.

Atom Tickets Launches (Another) Movie Subscription 
Looks like we’re adding yet another movie ticket subscription to the mix. Feeling some déjà vu? You’re not alone. This one is from Atom Tickets, a hub that makes buying digital tickets easy, with the goal of empowering theaters to set up their own subscriptions. Infrastructure-wise, Atom is already set up for success, with the ability to reserve seats from home, skip the paper ticket, and invite friends to the movies in-app. Interested to see how this one plays out.

Mailchimp Moves On From Shopify 
In the middle of their breakup with Shopify, Mailchimp acqui-hired competitor LemonStand, moving on to a new ally in e-commerce. Nothing gets you over the last one quite like the next one, that’s true, but the real takeaway is that Mailchimp is now poised to directly compete with Shopify.

4/3: It Takes Two to Spotify, Balling on a Budget, and 10K Steps


Calendly's Oji on PLG 
On the OpenView Build podcast season 5 drop, we hear from Oji Udezue, Calendly’s VP of Product and Design, as he breaks it down on virality (for products that aren’t inherently viral), prioritizing your core product build vs. product enhancements, and who should own the growth function in a product led growth business.

Keeping up with Morale c/o the Masters 
Our friends at highlight several masters in one spot, like Isabella Zamorano at Employsure and BlueJeans’ Adam Noall, for expert advice on internal operations motivation.

It Takes Two to Spotify
Sharing is caring as Spotify announces Premium Duo, a discounted plan aimed at couples and roomies.

Netflix? A Bargain Bin? 
According to TechCrunch, Netflix is still too cheap (even post price hike). Although, as a user, I’m not exactly asking to shell out more quiche, but as a recurring rev analyst, I have to agree TC makes some solid points in their suggestions for pricing model changes.

Balling on a Budget with Buffer's New Analyze Tool
Buffer adds Buffer Analyze, a social media analytics software adding metrics for Instagram stories, to their repertoire — in a more effective way to measure performance.

4/4: Is "Inbox Infinity" the new "Inbox Zero"? Zapier explains.


Inbox Infinity Is the New Inbox Zero
If you’re a classic type A-er, you know well the daily feat of reaching email “Inbox Zero.” But it turns out that goal may not actually be a plus for productivity, and Zapier reveals why(proposing an alternative approach deemed Inbox Infinity).

Heeding the Human Side of Social
In gathering social media data, likes and engagement are oftentimes our main goals, but Sprout Social reminds us there’s a person behind that double-tap — and figuring out how they feel about your brand is key to putting that social data into context.

Twilio x Salesforce
Better customer relationships are just a text away with the new Salesforce app from Twilio. Originally designed for nonprofits to send emergency alerts, the trend toward IM in marketing makes this app ideal for business, too. 

Segment Sees $1.5 Billion 
If you needed more proof that data mines are the new gold mines, Segment — a startup that helps out big names like Glossier and Atlassian by combining the ways in which they collect customer data — sees a $1.5 billion valuation.

Slack Takes NYSE
In an update on the Slack IPO: the messaging service is reportedly choosing the NYSE for trade via direct listing, similar to Spotify’s move last year around the same time.

4/5: Reviews change the way we buy. But what about how we sell? 


A Pricing Page Teardown: Veteran Netflix vs. Newbie Disney+
Disney is a household name that’s held our hearts over the last century, but in the streaming world, Netflix is the incumbent — shooting from obscurity to become a multibillion-dollar company in a span of 20 years. In this Pricing Page Teardown, Patrick and Peter look at what the data says about this streaming rivalry. We've waxed lyrical about Netflix's pricing before, but can they continue to be the industry leader once a titan such as Disney is on the scene? Find out now.

Reviews are everywhere. Are you?
When’s the last time you bought anything, whether it be a big-ticket item or dinner, without reading a review first? Customer reviews vehemently change the way we buy, so PandaDoc takes a look into how the review economy also changes the sell.

Gmail gets an update. The Litmus email gurus guide us through.
Gmail’s Promotions tab gets an update, adding several new features for email marketers to leverage, so Litmus hosts a webinar that’ll walk you through navigating.

Conquer Google Shopping with WordStream
With the launch of WordStream Advisor for Ecommerce, you can stress a little less about advertising via Google Shopping. The platform automates data feed management and streamlines your campaign buildouts, getting you off the spreadsheets and back to what you do best. 

Less Is More with LiveChat's Tickets Layout
We’re loving LiveChat's new Tickets layout, boasting more filters while remaining easy on the eyes, in their latest makeover. 

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