Subscription60: thank you, grazie, merci

Updated On: March 29, 2019

Hello crew, Abby here taking this next sixty seconds for a focus on you. We want to send our sincerest thank you for the constructive feedback we’ve received regarding the show, in our mission of delivering the absolute best compilations from the recurring revenue realm. 


It's been three exceptional months. Each day we scour the world for the subscription news, resources, and products that deserve to be recognized. We are utilizing this space to offer subscription sophistication and expertise from the team that’s obsessed with all things recurring revenue. We know life is nuts, you’re swamped, and daily content is ever-flowing and in your face, but we also know you want to thrive. Whether you’re a VP, CEO, first time founder, or new dad with a side hustle, we see you, we respect the hell out of you, and we’re here to help you nail this. 

And in doing so, we ask for your help in return — to spread the word to others you want to see killing it in their pursuit. We not only ask that you pass along the Subscription60 sentiment — to your friends, your teammates (both current and former), your competition even (let them see your name in lights) — but we also ask that you remember why you’re doing so. You get value.

So send your crew to, have them share episodes on social with #Subscription60, and spread the good word.

Everyone in this grind deserves free, actionable value of worth. Let’s together find the subscription space some clarity.

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