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Updated On: June 01, 2020
What's up subscribers? Ben's here with your Tuesday edition of Subscription60, bringing you the recurring revenue news you need to know in (hopefully) under a minute. Let’s dive right in.


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A Lesson in Proactivity Don’t wait until users unsubscribe to start asking them back. We found an article on Intercom that points out the warning signs of customer churn, and how to stop it before the madness begins.

"Prevention is better than cure – it’s an age old adage that can be applied to the health of your customer churn and retention rates."

Funnel Like a Pro When your product is part of a saturated market, it’s crucial to find your niche and capitalize. Men’s grooming company Manscaped did just that and found success, even with competitors with insane advertising budgets and brand recognition. If you want a marketing funnel that lets you compete with the big boys, ClickFunnels has you covered, step by step.

Launch Like a Boss Paddle has the guides to make your software launch a success right off the bat. Nailing it on the first shot is what we're all about, so be sure your billing model, pricing strategy, and audience engagement does the job right.


In headlines...

MoviePass Strikes Again MoviePass is looking to market its technology to exhibitors with a "red label" solution, enabling theater owners a means of offering a proprietary subscription ticket service to consumers. AMC Theatres and Cinemark are current competitors in the space, with their own monthly ticket subscription plans. 

“Our new business strategy is stabilize, optimize and grow."

Apple Expands Apple’s in the spotlight twice over, and will reportedly start offering both a magazine subscription by Apple News, and a “Netflix for games” - a subscription bundle for gamers.

Launch of the Day

And in extra time, we’re looking for the launches and products to make your business better. Today, we’re all about the FOMO report, a quarterly newsletter that gives you the scoop on early stage companies. Stay on trend while monitoring your competition in the space. 

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