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Updated On: November 07, 2019

On today’s episode, a summation of the Lola summit, HubSpot makes an acquisition that will simplify data synchronization, and Grapevine Logic knows: it takes a village.



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HubSpot x PieSync

HubSpot currently boasts more than 300 integrations in its marketing automation and CRM repository, and is now adding PieSync to the list, with its recent acquisition of the team there—the fastest-growing real-time customer data synchronizing platform.

PieSync is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) specializing in customer data. While not directly a CDP, PieSync handles customer data and syncs it bidirectionally across software platforms.

So why the PieSync appeal for HubSpot?

"Most marketers use multiple and varied applications on a daily basis. An integration service like PieSync, then, helps save manual labor and eliminate inconsistencies by automatically syncing data across apps."

This is just another tool HubSpot offers that makes it that all-encompassing email marketing tool. We’re talking ultimate world domination in the marketing realm. Marketers know how challenging it is to gather data from sources that are spread out, while maintaining accuracy. Some rely on a combination of automated and manual processes, which is incredibly time consuming, so this PieSync x HubSpot integration could be just what you’re looking for.


A Boston local Lola summit

Our very own Grace stopped by the Agile Operations Summit yesterday. Hosted by the team at Lola, it's a conference geared at finance and operations leaders—with talks on building a culture of growth to secrets of rockstar CFOs, and featuring speakers like Mike Volpe (CEO of Lola) to Barbara Corcoran (entrepreneur and start on Shark Tank). 

"Yeah, I went over to the Artists for Humanity EpiCenter in South Boston, which was really cool. What I enjoyed—and I feel worth bringing up—is how eco-friendly this event was. The EpiCenter was awarded a LEED platinum certification — which is the highest honor for sustainable architecture.

On top of that, drinking coffee was sustainable too, thanks to the Coffee Cup Collective. The endless flow of coffee yesterday was poured into stainless steel, reusable cups. This just proves that conferences, events, really anything can and should be sustainable."

And what were some talks you attended?

"Loved hearing from Marcus Wilson, CEO at NOBULL... Wilson talked a bit about building a culture of growth. He said many memorable things, and one sentence in particular that struck me: 'As a bootstrap business, we had to be completely focused because we’ve been living on a razors edge of growth.'"

What are some of the growth focus points?

"He went on to talk about how growth is not possible without finance and operations. Finance and ops were the core topics of this event. But Wilson also dabbled into discussing cultural growth, which umbrellas community, growth, technology, and a healthy dose of scarcity."

Good points by NOBULL. Any other interesting speakers?

"I enjoyed listening to Jack McCullough, Founder and President of the CFO Leadership Council. He just published a book—Secrets of Rockstar CFOs—before all this, and served as the CFO for 26 other companies...

His point on work/life balance was my key takeaway from the entire event. He argued: Workaholics aren’t as successful in the long term; they burn out quicker. For personal success and growth, he encourages reading—fiction and biographies—spending time with family, exercising. Making time for yourself."


It takes a village

And for more in the marketing realm, we’re looking to Grapevine Logic, a leading influencer marketing platform, which just launched something called Grapevine Village. It gives brands the ability to find authenticated influencers across social media platforms so they can build campaigns in real time.

The platform allows brands to directly chat with influencers and track analytics, as well as build campaigns.

So the way I see it is that brands are building stronger campaigns, leveraging this platform to search for influencers who they think will fit with their brand. And ultimately producing that omnipresence of brand loyalty, which we delved into in yesterday’s episode.

To take it a step further, Grapevine Village is touted as a global end-to-end ecommerce marketplace that leverages the relationships built between brands and digital creators on social media to seamlessly deliver goods and services to consumers everywhere.

Here’s how it works to scale acquisition: Launch with a network of nano-influencers with a social media following of less than 10K in order to maximize engagement and ultimately, sales of items. They want influencers with a smaller following for a more intimate feeling. Brands will pay said influencers for not only the campaigns, but also for sales attributed from those campaigns.

Holy Grail Steak Co. is one of the latest brands to use Grapevine Village to leverage nano-influencers to rapidly scale direct to consumer sales through influencer marketing, and I’d love to hear how it’s working for these fellow meat and marketing lovers.

Protect the Hustle: Mike Volpe of Lola

Without great people, you will fail.

Yet people are the hardest part of building a company.

Think about it, when you’re building a company, your people are the company. And if you’re terrible at finding great people, hiring great people, and keeping great people, then your company is going to fail.

Mike is an excellent example of someone who is great at all three of those. Currently the CEO of lola.com, he put together one of the most all-star marketing teams of the past few decades during his time as the CMO of HubSpot.

In this episode of Protect the Hustle, Mike walks us through his methodology for recruiting, hiring, and retaining stellar team members that allowed him to build the marketing department at HubSpot into what it is today.

And that’s a wrap for your November 7 subscription news. Recruit your teammates into the subscription know: recurnow.com to sign up for episodes on the daily.

If you have news to share, hit me up at abby@recurnow.com and we'll collaborate.

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