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Updated On: September 25, 2019

Today, we revisit the ever-present power of customer success. I also break down Andrew Grove’s High Output Management, so you can get the good lessons without ever picking up a copy. Your September 25th episode of Recur Now has arrived. 



Your top subscription news

Arcserve x Sophos, for your safety

Arcserve forms a global strategic partnership with Sophos to provide organizations with a first and last line of defense against ransomware. Arcserve is a world's top data protection provider while Sophos leads in network and endpoint security—and this alliance will deliver a multi-layered approach to prevent, protect, and immunize backup data from cyber attacks.

This global alliance marks the industry’s first means to assure mitigation of cyber-attacks through complete, multi-layered data security and protection, combining threat prevention technologies with onsite/offsite business continuity capabilities for an all-in-one solution that can be deployed in 15 mins.

The integrated solution will be available on the newest Arcserve Appliances in October 2019. Feel safer already? Us too.

BlueJeans: winner, winner

BlueJeans video conferencing has been named the winner of a silver Stevie Award in the Customer Service Team of the Year - Computer Services & Software category in the 16th Annual International Business Awards.

So how'd they do it?

The BlueJeans team has been recognized for quick and efficient service, high NPS and C-SAT scores, plus the ability to establish long distance conversations with teams. The team recognizes that great customer service is a 24-hour job, and responsibility needs to span your organization as a whole to be successful in that realm. 

"Our team walks side-by-side with our customers through the complete journey and it only gets better over time. From new customers to tenured users, we are hyper focused on their experience, and we’re glad to see it’s paying off."


On your mark, get set, game

Just days after the launch of Apple Arcade, Google predictably drops its own subscription gaming service. Google Play Pass will give Android users access to more than 350 apps and games free of ads, in-app purchases, and upfront payments—which, if I were a gamer myself, I’d be all about.

It'll run you $4.99 per month—the same price as Apple Arcade—although the two services are far from twins. Apple Arcade offers a catalog of over 100 exclusive games, while Google Play Pass will have apps and games that are already available on the Play Service. Both companies said new additions will be made to the services each month, so we're keeping our ears perked on this battle. I chatted with ProfitWell Pricing Strategist Devin Bhatia to hear his take:

"You would imagine that whoever is managing the Apple Arcade side probably has a best friend who's managing the Google Play Pass side... Unbelievable the way that this is all working together." 


Litmus on accessibility vs. inclusion

We're eyeing a blog post by the Litmus team—breaking down the difference between accessibility and inclusion: What it Takes to Create More Inclusive Email Marketing Experiences.

Quick definitions for you:

  • Accessible
    An email is accessible when its content is available to—and functionality can be operated by—anyone, regardless of ability.
  • Inclusive
    Design that embraces the full range of human diversity, with respect to ability, language, culture, gender, age, and other forms of human difference.

Inclusive email content is something our ProfitWell team is constantly striving to better, and this piece by Litmus should be extended to anyone in your organization that touches email (which is ultimately everyone at some point). Don’t stop at your marketing team. Expand the writing expertise to everyone in your operation, because we can attest: content is here to stay and we should all be word wizards in this realm.

Deep Dive

Customer success = company success

Customer success is a hot button topic—and we're super guilty at indulging. We’ve studied the data (in our episode of the ProfitWell Report highlighting customer success as reducing churn and increasing expansion revenue). We touched on it in yesterday’s show (feat. Krista Anderson-Copperman, Chief Customer Officer at Okta).

And we’re not stopping any time soon. 

Today, I sat down with Aazar Ali Shad of Userpilot product experience software, who recently released a post on Lesser Known Customer Success Practices to Reduce Churn and Improve Retention including:

  1. Build outstanding feedback loops.
  2. Build high-touch and subtle user experiences to unleash customer success.
  3. Always keep an eye on your users.
  4. Have an "at-risk" process.
  5. Educate your customers.
  6. Build a great infrastructure.

Aazar points out that too many blogs are lacking in actionable advice, and we agree. So how did the Userpilot team minimize this gap in creating solid content that people actually want to consume (and in turn act on)?

"Other blogs lack product engagement metrics... This is something that other customer success best practices don't talk about. They talk about processes, but they don't talk about what you can do in SaaS to actually really reactivate those non engaged users to turn them into a good customer."

Get the full rundown of the list here.

The ProfitWell Book Club

As a modern-day manager, you can’t just go by one script and expect your team to work at their fullest potential. The job is flexible and dynamic, and any help you can get figuring out what your roles are, and when to play each one, should be taken advantage of. On today’s ProfitWell Book Club, we dive deep into High Output Management, written by Andrew Grove, a Hungarian-born American businessman, engineer, author, and a pioneer—who claimed being a manager is a lot like being a sports coach: you need to gather information on the situation at hand, put the players where they need to be, and motivate them to push harder than the competition.

And that’s a wrap for your September 25th subscription news. Recruit your friends into the subscription know by sending them to recurnow.com to sign up for episodes on the daily.

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