Announcing the Most Comprehensive Book Written on SaaS Churn Strategy

Updated On: April 04, 2019

We have a problem in the SaaS community that we don’t like to admit. We're obsessed with acquiring customers, but spend little to no time actually trying to keep them around. 

Unfortunately, your churn is an enormously painful revenue problem that won't go away. 



To help, we’re thrilled to share something we've been working on for quite some time with growth and churn expert Brian Balfour, the CEO of Reforge and former VP of Growth at HubSpot.

Brian knows retention better than anyone else in the world, and when combined with all of the data and insight we're sitting on at ProfitWell, we've created one of the most comprehensive guides on churn in our new book -  The Anatomy of Reducing Churn. In these pages we go deep on the impact and calculation of churn and give you actionable strategies for creating a high retention strategy that pushes churn to zero.

You can get the book by going here or clicking any of the CTAs, but here's a preview of what’s inside below.

Here's what you'll get in our new book (for free): 

  • Chapter One: How to Optimize the Three Stages of Churn. We start with Churn 101—understanding the impact of churn on your business in the short, medium, and long term. Churn is the silent killer of your business and each type of churn calls for a different strategy. 

  • Chapter Two: 43 Ways to Calculate SaaS Churn (And Why You Should Keep it Simple). Most know that churn is a problem, but few know exactly how big of a problem it is. Here, we walk you through the different methods for calculating churn and suggest a simple, workable approach. 

  • Chapter Three: The Complete Guide to Calculating and Optimizing SaaS MRR Churn. MRR Churn is the monthly erosion of your recurring revenue. We give you the tools to pinpoint your MRR Churn and optimize your company to reduce cancellations and delinquent churn. 

  • Chapter Four: The Complete Guide to Calculating and Optimizing SaaS User Churn. User Churn lurks undiagnosed in most companies as a revenue crisis in waiting. We show you the key areas to target to get ahead of the problem before your customers churn. 

  • Chapter Five: How to Reduce Churn by Building a Bulletproof Retention Process. Your retention process is the front line in your battle against churn. We take you through the five steps required to construct a tailored retention strategy that will keep your customers from looking elsewhere. 

  • Chapter Six: 3 Nefarious Tactics SaaS Companies are Using to Reduce Churn. We expose the underhanded tactics some SaaS companies use to attack churn at the expense of customer transparency and provide above-board alternatives that let you remain a company you’d want to buy from. 


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